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Daylight hours-Need a few hours while your children are in school?We offer flexible scheduling

Overnight/Early Mornings - Need overnights(10pm-5am) and early mornings(5am-2pm)

If you work well in a fast paced environment, are focused on the customer, and manage it all with a SMILE, you can become part of the Trinity Point team today.

Whether you want to work full time or part-time, we're flexible. If you're a high school student, a parent who wants to work during school hours, wanting to supplement your income, or looking for a career in management, there's an opportunity for you at McDonald's®

Apply on line using the link on the left, or leave a message for Pam at 724-222-9915 to schedule an interview.

Benefits include:

Health benefits - health, dental, vision, and prescription drug plan provided at a minimal cost

Profit Sharing - will match $3 to every $1 up to 3%, the next 2% will match $1 to every $1

Free uniforms - McDonald's® provides shirts, pants, and shoes

Free meals - free meals while your on the clock, and 50% discount on food when your off (up to $15 regular menu prices daily)

Discounts with over 60 national retailers to include: cell phone (ex: 19% off Verizon monthly fees and total bill & 25% off accessories), Jiffy Lube, Cost Cutters, Lens Crafters, Pearl Vision, Target Optical, car insurance discounts, child care discounts (can be negotiated if not on the list), just to name a few....


Health benefits - health, dental, vision, and prescription drug plan provided at a minimal cost

Spending accounts - pre-taxed accounts setup for health care, and child care


Life Insurance

College accredited training - McDonald's Hamburger University® is a college accredited school which is part of every managers training curriculum

Join the Trinity Point Team Today & "LET MCDONALD'S WORK FOR YOU"

McDonald's does business in 119 countries around the world.

Trinity Point

This restaurant is owned and operated by McDonald's Restaurants of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Store Photo 1001 Trinity Point Circle
Washington PA 15301

Phone: 724-222-9115
Manager: Pam D.
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